Toll-free:  1-877- 3GENIES
Local:  (207) 892 - 8822

Q:  Why Consider Cleaning Genies?
A:  It would be easy for us to tell you why, but we prefer you ask our customers.  We will gladly
provide you with references upon request.  

Cleaning Genies, LLC proudly stands behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee.   

Q: Who will be in my home or office?
A:  We believe you should know who is in your home or office.  Therefore a team (of 2 or 3) is
designated to the care & cleaning of your property.  This way you know who is there, they
know what needs to be done ~ how YOU like it done.  On rare occasions when a team  member
is ill, or other unpredictable situation, we my have to substitute one team member with
another cleaning professional for that day only.  There will always be a team member experienced
in taking care of your property there.

Q: Does someone have to be here and if not, how do you get in?
A: The answer to these questions is entirely up to you.  Cleaning Genies teams are fully prepared to
work with or without the customer present.  If you choose to have your cleaning done while you
are not present, you can have a key made for us to keep on hand, leave a key in a designated and
discreet place, create a lock box code for Cleaning Genies, or simply leave the door unlocked with
instruction as to how you would like the door or key left when we are finished.  All keys provided to us are
maintained by the owner and are signed out at the beginning of each shift and returned each night so your
home or office remains secure.

Q:  Are you bonded and insured?
A: We are not bonded.  We are however fully insured and carry worker's compensation on our team
members.  What this means to you is that your property is in the best of hands and if anything were
broken or damaged it is fully covered.  Additionally, if any cleaning professional were to
get hurt on your property there is NO liability on you.  

Q:  Is there any paperwork involved?
A: Cleaning Genies, LLC does not require any paperwork or contracts for residential cleaning.  We
believe in old fashioned work ethics and prefer to do business on a "gentleman's" handshake.  
If for any reason either party is dissatisfied we can choose to end the business relationship.  
****Commercial jobs may or may not require a contract.

Q: Do you charge by the hour?
A:  We charge by the hour for one time only jobs. For customers interested in ongoing service, we charge
by the hour for the first cleaning as the first time generally takes longer.  Once your property is cleaned to
expectation, we charge at the job level.  We find this works best as once expectations and a fee are agreed
upon, both parties know what to expect.  If for any reason it takes less time or more (sprained ankle, etc)
the fee remains the same.  No surprises for either party.

Q: Do I need to provide anything?
A:  No, Cleaning Genies, LLC provided all necessary products and supplies.  If you have a preferred product
that we do not already use, simply leave some for us and we will use that instead.  

Q: What type of products do you use?
A:  Cleaning Genies is proud to use environmentally safe cleaning products manufactured right here in
Maine for most of our cleaning needs.  We also have specialty products for stainless steel, wood floors,
granite, and other specialty surfaces.  Almost every product we use regularly is environmentally friendly,
however we do bring some stronger products for tough cleaning situations.  We will gladly use only
eco-friendly products upon request.

Q: Do you wash the windows?
A:  Cleaning Genies cleans window sills and frames as part of our routine.  While doing this we spot clean
any obvious finger prints, pet nose spots, etc.  We provide complete window cleaning for additional fee.

Q: Do you do any additional tasks?
A: We will gladly do additional tasks.  If these tasks are to be performed regularly, we will work it into the
regular cost.  If it is occasional or one time task we will work out an agreeable cost prior to arrival.
These tasks could include, but are not limited to; windows, organizing, attic, garage, laundry, carpet
cleaning, inside refrigerator, oven and more.

Q: Are there things you will not do?
A: Yes, there are four things that the team members of Cleaning Genies are instructed NOT to do.  

1). Cleaning Genies staff is not responsible to clean any human or animal blood, vomit, or body waste.
2). When cleaning offices (or other areas with electronics) we will vacuum the large dust bunnies from
top of wire piles and do the best we can without disturbing the wires.  We do not want to risk  
disconnecting wire hookups causing headache and risking loss of data.
3). Cleaning Genies will wipe dust from television and computer screens.  We will not use any cleaning          
products to clean hard to remove smears.  There are many different materials used to make various               
screens and we would not want to do anything to harm yours.  
4).Cleaning Genies will NOT dust, move, or in any way touch any firearms.