Toll-free:  1-877- 3GENIES
Local:  (207) 892 - 8822
The big franchises make a lot of claims about their services and charge a lot of money claiming
superiority.  Let's clear the air!

Franchise:  "(We) use a back pack vacuum with HEPA filtration that can capture up to 99% of all dust, allergens, bacteria,
pet dander, pollen and other pollutants."
Our Response:  Cleaning Genies uses Pro-Team Super Coaches and Nobles BackPac vacuums.  Both of these commercial
grade back pack vacuums use HEPA filtration and filter over 99% of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and
other pollutants.  They also have significantly larger and more powerful motors than your typical household vacuum.

Franchise:  "(We) use a XX Step cleaning plan of action/process to clean your home and make sure all areas are addressed
- (Some call it a clean rotation)"
Our Response:  Cleaning Genies empowers our people to make adjustments on the fly and do whatever is necessary to
make sure your home or office is thoroughly clean after every visit.  All building structures are different.  Depending on
the type of HVAC system, level of traffic in certain areas, number and type of pets and whether or not the owners leave
their windows open or not is what decides how often certain areas need to be addressed without using a cookie cutter
checklist.  Each of our crews has a trained team leader who makes adjustments on the fly to make sure your home or
office always looks it best.  Best of all, if you are a customer receiving routine services, your price is set, even if we need
to spend a little extra time during a particular visit.  Finally, our services are 100% guaranteed so on the rare occasion that
we may miss something, a crew will respond as soon as practical to resolve the matter at no cost to you.

Franchise:  "(We) use environmentally safe cleaning products."
Our Response:  Cleaning Genies uses environmentally safe cleaning products.  Our primary line of products is incredibly
effective, biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-flammable.  Best of all, it is manufactured and distributed in Maine.

Franchise:  "(We) are fully insured."
Our Response:  Cleaning Genies has general liability insurance to $1,000,000 and it's staff is covered by worker's
compensation insurance.  We are an approved vendor of the US Government, State of Maine, Enterprise Rent-A-Car,
Maine Medical Center, University of Maine and countless other organizations throughout Maine that require significant
insurance verification prior to us doing any work.  In fact, our largest one-time contract to date was a post-construction
clean up of the 120,000 square foot US Border Patrol Facility in Calais, Maine for the Department of Homeland Security.


1.  PRICING - Most cleaning franchisees are required to spend 5-10% of their revenue on advertising and send another
5-10% of their revenue to their corporate office (in the form of franchise related fees).  Cleaning Genies spends very little
on advertising and is an independent company owned right here in Maine.  This gives us a distinct pricing advantage and
insures that your dollars are supporting the local economy.

2.  SUPPORTING THE LOCAL ECONOMY - Cleaning Genies is based in Windham, Maine.  We buy our products and services
from Maine companies, we pay Maine taxes and we hire Maine people.  Our ownership team also created the group
"Support Maine Business" on Facebook to help other Maine businesses reach their full potential and improve the local

3.  FLEXIBILITY - Need something thrown in the wash machine?  Have linens you want professionally cleaned?  Need
something else done that is slightly out of the ordinary?  Most franchisees have very rigid, structured routines that
prevent them from helping you with any extra requests.  We have no such restrictions as long as it is within our
employee's capabilities and our insurance guidelines.

4.  RESULTS - The owners of Cleaning Genies are intimately involved in the day to day operations of the business.  They
are who answer the phone, who often will perform your initial consultation and who you speak with in the very unlikely
event that you were dissatisfied for some reason.  Eileen also personally meets with every staff member every morning of
their shift to discuss the expectations at each job.  This is necessary due to the fact that we don't use cookie cutter check
lists and we always try to accommodate specific requests from our customers.